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FOX Business
Mar 7, 2013 4:00pm EST
the banks now operate under the current law, et cetera, can withstand adverse economic circumstances. so i think that is very, very important. i think, incidentally they're well administered under the oversight of one of the federal reserve governors, governor dan turillo. that is very necessary under the current structure. what i and my colleagues at the dallas fed have advocated however is changing the rules that really deal with banks that are too big to fail because dodd-frank, its preamble and its purpose is to deal with too big to fail, we don't believe it solves the problem. we have a dozen banks in the country that have --. david: i think it is important what you just said, that point. even though the preamble about dodd-frank says it is about too big to fail it fails to deal with too big to fail? >> it fails to deal with too big to fail, that's a pretty good term. if you take the top dozen banks in the united states i consider too big to fail, they're operating at cost to funding advantage and other advantages than the 5500 community banks in this country and 70 or so region
FOX Business
Mar 8, 2013 4:00pm EST
. >> well thanks to a new state law the secret stash which hovers around $54 million, will go back to the parks. and most donors, while outraged are not clamoring to get their money back. still park officials know they need an image reboot at agency and fast. >> what we have to do is turn around to our stakeholders and our constituents and our visitors and say watch what we do. watch what fixes we put in place. learn from the trust that we tried to, put in place for you. >> among the fixes, regular statewide audits and new leadership at the top. the attorney general's office is also conducting a criminal investigation. so dave, and liz, all those parks officials who resigned in a hurry last summer when all this news broke, they may not be completely off the hook just yet. liz: good. hold them accountable. >> they knew what was coming. thanks, claude. >> you're welcome. liz: bad weather is causing all sorts of flight delays around the country. maybe that is an opportunity to find love? up next, the silver lining here. the top airports to find a date. [laughter] investor. yeah, i'm a se
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2